Click “Read More” for a play by play of the previously posted vocal mistruction video:

1:40 - Explanation of diaphragm location, shape, and physiology is faulty. Her description would lead one to believe that the diaphragm is a ball shaped “thing” located in the upper portion of the abdomen, not encased by the ribcage, and connected to the trachea (!).

2:20 - Her explanation regarding the function of the diaphragm - “We want to be able to use our diaphragm to push air up from our lungs…”  - is contrary to the passivity of the diaphragm during exhalation.

2:40 - “When you’re taking a breath in, it expands your diaphragm and fills it with air.” The diaphragm is now a balloon like object. She explains that the stomach expanding during a deep breath is caused by the diaphragm filling with air and expanding the abdomen. She continues to point out that if shoulders rise during a breath, that “you are only taking a breathing from your lungs”. (A point I will keep in mind next time I breathe with my lungs.)

9:42 - She makes another statement about the active role of the diaphragm during exhalation, when performing a “karate chop Hah!”

11:20 - “I will warn you, if you try to use your diaphragm all the time for breathing, you’re probably going to get light-headed and possibly pass out, so just use it for singing.” Mmmk.

I think that her intention to encourage people to create a “musical home” is good, so I don’t want to come across as making fun of her. But I also feel that if one takes on the privilege and responsibility of being a teacher, and even have people privately pay for such things, one also has a responsibility to be qualified to teach.

This video reflects the most dangerous part of misintruction - it is self-perpetuating. She is teaching her students faulty vocal concepts, who in turn will grow up and teach their students the same misinformation.

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